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Garden light pyramid w/ 180LED

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Garden light pyramid w/ 180LED
star/top must have 20 leds
each string must have 20 leds
tube 4 with ground spike (see attached file)
ip44/31v,led flagpole light,180l (=20l / top
star+ 20l / string/ 1.7m*8strings – l1 = 1.7m
strings attached l2=2.05m nylon rope), 0.15mm2
green wire + warm-white
led,steady,w/ip44/31v/3.6va transformer + 8m
lead wire,
1.) 8 strings connected to a small ring, each
string wrapped onto 1 paper,
2.) 8 ground stakes for nylon ropes
3.) with h=2m black tubes (in 4 pcs and 1 star)
total length 2.33m
4.) instruction sheet (inside color box)
5.) label attached to the cord with leds