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Garland with led lanterns – 165cm-10xLED 3.8x6x2.3

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Garland with led lanterns – 165cm-10xLED 3.8x6x2.3
grey (pantone 422C)
packing: easy peel sticker on battery holder
each garland in PET box with fc sticker
12xPET box in fc display with try-me function
display is made of 3-ply A-grade carton
assortment display: see attached document
each color has its own barcode
barcode display is the same as outercarton
size total: 165cm (excl. battery box)
size lanterns: 3.8×2.3x6cm
spacing between lanterns: 15cm
material: plastic, weight 64 gram
color: black/blue (pantone 287C) /white/
design: kerosene lanterns
with 10x warm white Led lights + works on 2x AA
batteries (not included) + on/off switch